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Wednesday, June 25, 2008
  "...On Land ..On Sea..In the Air..."
MILITARY PERSONNEL...On Land, On Sea, Under Sea, and in the Air..WE extend our Honor for your Faithful, Committed, Bravery and Sacrifice without family or home ties during this time of armed conflict..! MORE THAN THIS...we are engaged in a SPIRITUAL WARFARE that extends and exceeds any earthbound conflict...THAT IS OF "SPIRITUAL WARFARE"..! In the CODE BOOK of eternal strategy: The HOLY BIBLE in Ephesians Chapter Six, The details indicate The Enemy is of greater consequence than any military intelligence can encounter.
With highly technical war-gear: SPIRITUAL WARFARE is strongly outlined and indicated for all SPIRITUAL WARRIORS in this "BATTLE OF THE AGES..!" Not only JULY 4th is a day to CELEBRATE...but a day to ACTIVATE our SPIRITUAL FREEDOM of SPIRITUAL WARFARE of PRAYER: II CHRONICLES 7:14.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008
  "...IN GOD WE TRUST..."
This Title: "IN GOD WE TRUST" means In ALMIGHTY GOD WE TRUST, I believe is the original intent of our Founding Fathers. FAITH OF OUR FATHERS was STRONG and STEADFAST...with Sacrificial Love for Family, Neighbors and most of all ALMIGHTY GOD..! As JULY 4th approaches...Let this THEME: IN ALMIGHTY GOD WE TRUST (No others gods only ONE ALMIGHTY GOD)...Our Bill of Rights, Our Freedoms, our strength must rely TOTALLY on ALMIGHTY GOD thru Our LORD JESUS CHRIST..! THIS is our CELEBRATION from SIN TO SALVATION...PURE FREEDOM..untainted by philosophy of Man. The NATION who is founded upon this premise will never fail or fall..!


Friday, June 20, 2008
  "...49 Years..."

Marriage Plus Ministry...

June 26th is the BIG DAY...to CELEBRATE...! Our humble beginning in a little Village of Bellwood, PA to our "semi-retired" location in "HAPPY VALLEY" Pennsylvania, a great accomplishment...including our ownership of two P. T. Cruisers.! We are four Grand Daughters Richer with our two children: Randy in NEBRASKA and our daughter: Rindy in LOUISIANA....! At 72 years old...we are "winging it quite well.."
Tuesday, June 10, 2008

DAD...spells my life during my growing up years.
DAD always set a Sharp and Keen Example for my Life.
DAD shaped my character inside between my ears.
DAD has always been there even during my strife.

DAD is the KEY word as I reflect on my early years.
DAD stepped in to guide my faltering efforts in maturity.
DAD had a touch of God in everything when I had fears.
DAD had his strong hand available to help me with purity.

DAD that name always ready to lift, guide, direct, and discipline.
DAD was strong-willed on a good job well done, he emphasized.
DAD is, was, has been my guiding light in dark areas of wisdom.
DAD now, always is the reference point never to be criticized.

DAD, all out for Christ...this his motto, True he shall ever be;
Dad, firm, united, for Victory;
Dad, Sings and prays...all the way...
DAD is "All out for Christ..Today!"

Copyright @ 610/08 --HBJr
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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