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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
(This story is available in "hardcopy": English, Spanish, German, and French by Emailing your request to my Email address: HARRY BROTZMAN JR

LOCATION: West College Avenue (around Irvings=a Bagels Place) walking on College Avenue in State College, PA
PERSONS: "Joe, Spider, Zeke, Zak, and Korg"

DISTINCTIUVES: (Leathers, Spikes, Fingerlerss Gloves, Decked in Total Black Vests in ornate Biker-art: H and A (each side/front, back/vest: Skull and Crossbones in greenish-white, very detailed...over top of skull/crossbones: Graphic/ornate Colorful lettering..."THE CREW", Black Boots with front chains, (Assumption from "markings") H & A = HELLS ANGELS.

EXPERIENCE: (Author): Harry Brotzman Jr

"I had parked my car on West College Avenue and got out (without thinking), grabbed my small Bible and locked the car door automatically. I took it with me as I crossed the street and began walking east on sidewalk toward IRVINGS, thinking about getting coffee since it was mid-morning.
As I was walking down the sidewalk, I looked up, just in time to see four "Big Bikers" coming toward me with a "little Guy" in the middle (found out later his name was Joe). They all had black kirchiefs on their heads. Little Joe "seemed" to head up THE CREW.
As they approached me they never moved in formation (spread out wide as possible with no room to go around). I had to make a quick decision about what I was going to do. I didn't want to "mix" with these dudes. So I just hesitated slightl;y and stood still for a moment.
They approached me looking right at me (snickering to one another) and walked right up to me. The little guy in the middle (mean as nails, had one "glazed eye and another covered with a black eye patch) said to me: "Whatcha got man?" I looked down at my little Bible and I knew I was in "trouble"..."My Bible". He simply responded (straight forward) "What's your Gig?" Then, SPIDER (another of the dudes) looked at me and looked intensely at me and said (loudly): "DO YOUR THING, MAN...!"
So, I opened my Bible (this is dangerous...) and it fell open to ISAIAH 53...I began to read it out loud..."He was wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for our iniquities, and the chatisement of our peace was upon HIM and by His stripes we are healed..." Then I stopped and the little guy...Joe said: "DO YOUR THING, MAN".
So I raised my hand and my feet began to "shake and begin to do a FAST-slight TAP-dance" as I went into a "HOLY GHOST Anointed JESUS-STREET-RAP..." (I've NEVER done this before in my whole life). As my hand raised over Joe's head, I began to "speak in other tongues", then the Big dude: KORG, took his "fingerless-gloved hand" and grabbed my hand...(thought he was going to break it as he began to shake "violently" with my hand as they came down on Joe's head...!
Joe began to (strongly) Hummmm..: ..."JEEEEsus CHRIST..." and his knees "buckled" as Joe went to the sidewalk. Then the other two Dudes on each side of Joe lifted him up (by his arm pits) to a standing position (their names I learned were ZAK and ZEKE), as Joe shook himself and mumbled out loud: ..."WHAT FIRE...MAN...WHAT FIRE...! I've been cocained out of my head" ...that's why I'm Blind...Let's get the Hell Out Of Here, Now..."
At that, they all turned around and went the opposite way (toward Pugh Street) "a wabbling...Jivin'=stance...!"
As they headed for the next corner of Pugh and College streets, I hollered at "SPIDER"...."I think I know you". (his face looked familiar)..! SPIDER turned around and said: (Sinfully grinning with his "Spider-tatooed" nose, spider webs around his eyes and on his fingers...)"Yeah...HARRY"...! He knew my FIRST name. "I met you in Prison in O'Neill, NEBRASKA 23 years ago and I've still got the BIBLE you gave me...YOUR PREACHER'S BIBLE...!" YES, I Knew SPIDER...!
As THE CREW turned the corner, I watched them get on their Shiny BLACK HARLEYS and "Roaring down" Pugh Street..! "SPIDER" turned around "waiving his arm and hollering: "HALLEAUJAH...HARRY...!" They roared off down the street, gone "out of sight"...WHEW...!
I was so "shook", I whimpered and laughed at the same timne. I didn't have my coffee as I went back to my car, then the church office...sharing my experience with the office staff and my Pastor. Eventually with our church congregation and now with Missionaries in over 50 countries of the World.
I have DOCUMENTED this in printed TESTIMONIAL Format for those who request it from me. Please "share this BLOG with your friends and assocoiates. I want to SHARE this HEAR TRUTH around the WORLD....(now in ENGLISH, SPANISH, FRENCH, GERMAN, and as many languages, I can get it "translated into readable format", as ALMIGHTY GOD LEADS. MAY GOD BLESS YOU FOR READING THIS STORY TODAY.
Email me at"


Thursday, August 24, 2006
  Harry in 2D
  Kansas City Baby

She's a Kansas City baby!
Those cuddly little hands,
Her eyes are brown and shaped like almonds,
Her chestnut brown hair, soft as sand!

We saw her first in "Baby blue" from booties to dress;
That day was oh so exciting in 1968!
Our first glance was an eternity wrapped in love,
God's little selection for us...was great!

As she giggled and kicked her little feet,
We watched every movement with wonder,
Her little eyes, wiggling tiny cuddly hands,
Won her way into our hearts, that still lingers.

Thank God, the single girls who decided to turn her "crisis!"
Into a bundle of love for parents, like us!
We are forever grateful for this ladies' great decision
In the midst of her pregnancy crisis!

God has ordained "little cuddly hands" being a big part
Of lasting - loving joy forever now and then;
These little hands have touched our lives,
With smiles, tears, lots and lots of sunshine!

Harry Brotzman Jr.

Copyright ©2006 Harry Brotzman Jr.
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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