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Monday, September 10, 2007
  "...A True Life Allegory.." -THE CLOUD-
I stood on a hilltop one day, and looked out over the land. Nearest to me was my home, filled with my family. My heart swelled with pride over my accomplishments. My heart filled with love for my family happily playing in the yard. The vast plain beyond showed only goodness as far as the eye could see. I took a deep breath and as I slowly exhaled, I declared that life was good.

I looked down at my feet, firmly planted. I was at peace. Could I ask for anything more? When I looked up again, I noticed something in a distance - A small white fluffy cloud. Clouds block the sun, I know, but this cloud, I sensed was unique. In a moment of childish fantasy, with no one looking, I reached out, thinking I could grab it.

Now, while I did not grab the cloud, I noticed that as my hand swept in front, the cloud moved. I thought this an odd coincidence and to prove it to myself I swept my hand in the opposite direction across the cloud. To my utter surprise, the cloud followed. Several more times I swept my hand in front of the cloud and each time the cloud obediently followed.

This new found ability was nearly intoxicating. I decided to experiment further and see how else I may control this cloud. I stretched out my hand toward the cloud, flexes my fingers back towards me as if beckoning the cloud to come nearer. Slowly the cloud drew closer, for I could see the shadow on the plain, though still miles away. I thought best to keep it away so that there would be no cloud overshadowing my family's sunny day.

I thought I might be able to control this cloud further. Maybe I could raise the cloud by moving my hand upward from underneath. As I did, the cloud went higher but the bottom didn't move. A moment passed before I realized that the cloud grew. More billows were added to the cloud,
increasing the beauty. I moved my hand downward and was horrified to see the cloud diminish in size. Quickly I motioned my hands like a juggler so that the cloud grew larger.

This was so much fun! I could control this cloud. I marveled at its beauty and was in awe at my ability to control it.

Then a still small voice in my head spoke. "This is dangerous. You don't know what you are doing. Clouds become storms. Its beauty if momentary. Destroy this cloud before it becomes an ugly destroyer."

The warning gave me pause. I sensed the voice was right, but playing with the cloud was so much fun. This little voice always seemed to ruin my fun! I looked at the cloud once again. There it hung, so beautiful, so docile4 and so much fun to play with. I had it all under control. Torn, I raised my hand to erase the cloud, but then playfully batted it like a balloon.

"I'm not hurting anyone. " I thought. "Why can't I have a little fun for myself?" I began to resent that still small voice. What did it know? What did anyone know? This was my little secret. I controlled the cloud. I could erase it at any time. I had this all under control.

I waved my hand furiously, making the cloud move and grow. It took on new shapes and I beckoned it closer. The closer it got, the more details I could make out. The bigger it grew, the more puffs emerged like balls of cotton. The sunlight played across the rolling cloud, as it grew. I stood in awe at the beauty, unaware of the danger.

Then a sound reached my ears, low and menacing, like a lion's growl. I stopped moving my hands and listened for it again. A flash erupted within the cloud, followed by a louder rumble. The cloud began o darken from pure white to gray. But that wasn't all.

Even though my hands had stopped moving, the cloud continued to grow. Up, up, up into the sky loomed my cloud, which now covered the sun. Quickly the cloud was changing from gray to black. What was once beautiful and playful was now ugly and menacing.

I tried to wipe my hand around to erase the cloud. Lightning bolted from the cloud, followed by a deafening roar of thunder. The wind began to howl around me, like demons screaming. This harmless little cloud was now a monster seeming to have a life of its own, and I had no idea how to stop it. However, the worst was yet to come!

Now I could clearly see the destructive force moving towards me and my house. My family ran for the protection of the house. Whatever happened to me was a result of my own foolishness, but my family would be safe. I sighed in relief and prepared to weather the storm, but I saw the final evil fall. Dropping from the cloud like a demon's tongue, a large funnel cloud appeared. "No!" I screamed as it headed for my family. My plea could not be heard above the shrieking winds. My feet firmly planted now with fear, I could only watch in horror as the demon's tongue licked the landscape, destroying everything it touched.

in a few minutes that seemed to last for hours, I saw the twisted twister destroy all that I held dear. My family, my home, my future all gone. Then it came towards me. I had nothing left, so I was ready to die.

I was snatched up, as with a powerful hand. The chaos and turmoil; was nauseating. I cried out to God, "Forgive me! Please make this stop!"

I landed on the wet grass and looked around at the devastation that once was my life. Everyone I once held dear was gone. Everything I once prized was in pieces around me. I got on my knees, cried to God and wept bitterly.

The cloud represents sin. Sin can quickly become an addiction. While at first it may be fun and appealing, sin can grow into something painful and ugly if you don't confess and repent. In the beginning you feel that it's your little secret which you can control, but keep playing with it and your sin will control you. Jesus and Peter both taught a person will become a slave to whatever
has mastered him. (John 8:34 and 2 Peter 2:19)

The story is an allegory of my own experience with sin and addiction. I lost everything to my addiction. If you think addictions are limited to drugs, alcohol, or cigarette3s, you are deceived. Addictions come in man y forms: Anger, sex, pornography, food, gossip, shopping/over spending, lying and gambling can progress from sin to compulsion to addiction. Confess your sins to God and repent with resolve. If you do this, God will cleanse you.

=written by Bryan Gayan 7/30/07
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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