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Saturday, November 25, 2006
  Heart Truth: "...MERRY CHRISTMAS..."
Heart Truth: "...MERRY CHRISTMAS..."
It is interesting to see how many different countries and cultures celebrate CHRISTMAS...and what CHRISTMAS means to them. I come from a GERMAN/RUSSIAN background....GERMANS love to decorate their homes at CHRISTMAS. Many houses will have little wooden frames holding electric candles in their windows, and coloured pictures of paper or plastic which look beautiful from the outside at night. Often too, they will have an 'Adventskranz' - a wreath of leaves with four candles. (Advent - meaning 'coming' - is the 4 week period before Christmas). On each Sunday of Advent, another candle is lit. Most homes will also have little wooden 'cribs' - a small model of the stable where Jesus was born, with Mary, Joseph, Baby JESUS, and animals. At our house we have "kept" a little handcraft of the NATIVITY that our daughter and son made by hand many years ago and bring it out each year and put it on display (a fond memory of our kids when they were little at CHRISTMAS in our home). WHAT DOES CHRISTMAS MEAN TO YOU....? PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS ON THIS SIGHT...! I wrote a poem about CHRISTMAS on: WWW.POETRY.COM You may go to that sight below and place my name in the search box and SEARCH. My poetry titles will come up. "WHAT CHRISTMAS MEANS TO ME" is the poem you can read and print in various formats and send also..okay. GOD BLESS YOU ... "MERRY...MERRY CHRISTMAS..." ... We wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR= 2007....! -Harry and Joyce Brotzman Jr.
Thursday, November 16, 2006
  "...THANKS = GIVING..."
...THANKSGIVING is more than a USA Holiday....It covers 6,000 years of Old and New Testament HISTORY...! It is a UNIVERSAL "Sentiment..." with HOLY Ambition....! THANKS GIVING implies personal "involvment" of "GIVING..." of THANKS in "Any and All LANGUAGE GROUPS..." The Seriousness of THANKSGIVING crosses all Cultures, Countries, and Language GROUPS..."unreached becomes the reached" through this international "effort to the One and Only Almighty GOD.."
Saturday, November 11, 2006
  "...NOW THE TIME IS..."
MY HOBBY IS MAKING OLD AND MODERN WOOD CLOCKS...TIME IS A GREAT FACTOR...! 666 has been exchanged, 777 is the big number. The enemy has lost it all, God has reclaimed our goal..! The devil is a loser.! Again he is defeated; Watch God's army grow... The enemy is gone...so! Shout to the depths of your soul.! We are here with VICTORY. Take your stand...just conquor.! Yes, truly we shall see, Marvelous miracles in store for me, May I trust HIM...then I shall see, Our troubles in heart make plain, Asking HIM is our VICTORY, Amen...! Now let's take and see... GRASP...Hold...I shall be FREE..! STAMP out the devil... RESIST and he will flee..! -Harry Brotzman Jr.
Monday, November 06, 2006
  WAGES or GIFT...?
"...WAGES is what you work for..." Sometimes, thought unfair, but your "Boss" is your TASKMASTER...! You are "contracted to him" as long as you work for him. WHAT are you working for...your benefits long-lasting...? Consider the END result...! A GIFT is given to you...the GIVER is the one most valuable. The Gift is yours to keep. What do you have as a "Gift", that has been given to you? How valuable is that GIFT? How long will it LAST? Read the HOLY BOOK: B. I. B. L. E. : Romans 3:23 and Romans 6:23 is now your MASTER GUIDE..!
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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