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Tuesday, October 30, 2007
A long time ago in a galactic dimension not so far away...

Lord Lucifer trembled in horror when the Jedi returned to life. The evil one expected immediate judgment and destruction from the Good Force. So he retreated to the infernal abyss, cowering behind his storm troopers.

Instead o dealing with Lucifer, the resurrected Jedi spent the next 40 days on earth with his closest followers. He instructed these knights to go into all the world and proclaim a message of harmony, reconciliation, peace, love, forgiveness and grace.

The Jedi commanded his followers to teach the world about the hurt and corruption caused by the evil empire, admonish everyone to reject Lord Lucifer and then convince all people to accept the Jedi as their Savior and Lord.

Then he vowed "All who accept Me and walk in the ways of the Good Force shall inherit eternal life with the Existing One." As he ascended from their presence, the Jedi promised "The Force will be with you." "I shall return."

Lord Lucifer watched the Jedi ascend to the city above the clouds. Believing the ascension to be a retreat, Lucifer mustered his storm troopers and made a full scale assault on the holy city. The Existing One sent the powerful knight, Michael, to combat the evil forces. Michael and his army won the battle and cast the evil force from the holy city forever.

Realizing he could never harm the Jedi in the holy city, he decided to inflict an even greater pain--by terrorizing the new knights of the Good Force.Lord Lucifer unleashed a diabolical six-step scheme he simply called PLAN 666. In the first stage, the evil force created a hideous. 10-headed beast to persecute the holy knights. For centuries, this beast tried to destroy the holy knights by bathing them in their own blood. But for every one who lost his life in this terrible tribulation, 10 more stood up to take his place.

Realizing the first stage would never work, Lucifer stopped the physical persecution and tempted the holy knights with Stage 2: Seductive Power. When the good knights obtained uninhibited power, they started seeing themselves as earthly lords instead of heaven priests.
The taste of power caused many of them to worship the evil force, a thing the Jedi resisted to the bitter end. Power caused others to forget their purpose and commission. At that point, Lord Lucifer unleashed the other lethal stages from his death star.

Stage 3: Make the good knights reject the Good Force and follow the path of REBELLION and SIN. Stage 4: Weaken the knights' power by causing them to fight one another instead of the evil; empire. Stage 5: Strike the knights with a spirit of apathy. Stage 6: Convince the assembly of knights to deny the authority of their holy scriptures.

The evil PLAN 666 almost succeeded. If the Jedi had not empowered the great knights such as Luther, Knox, Wesley, Edwards, Finney, Sunday and Graham, the good empire might have been destroyed.

Lucifer fought many bloody battles against the good knights; and ironically, he always knew he could never win the war. His evil desire was to draw as many into the infernal abyss as possible because of his hatred of the Existing One, and the Jedi, and the creation.
-To be continued... -Harry Brotzman Jr.
Friday, October 05, 2007
  "...THE Devil is a loser...!"

JOHN 14:6...Way=Truth=Life...!

POSITIVE...never changing...Always there when you need Him..! I talked to Him Today..! Have you Talked with The Winner=JESUS...HE is ALIVE..!

Heb. 13:8=GUARANTEED..!
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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