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Monday, February 25, 2008
  FINAL EPISODE: Gospel According to Star Wars...
"Episode VI: RETURN of the JEDI"
Along time ago, in a galactic dimension far, far away...
It is an era that ends all time. The civil war, which existed from the moment of Lucifer's rebellion, was about to come to a complete and final end. The knights of the Good Force anxiously anticipated this moment since the Jedi's ascension. And the Lord Lucifer had prepared himself for thousands of years for the final assault of the Jedi.

Lucifer knew he could not defeat the glorified Jedi. So he deceived the life forms on earth to join him in the final battle, Armageddon. The evil one seduced most of the humans to follow him in the latter days. The entire planet eventually degenerated until it became like in the days of Noah Solo. The Jedi had warned His knights against the treacherous deceptions of Lord Lucifer. But in the final days, only the very elect remained pure and uncorrupted by the evil force. In the last days, the assemblies of good knights grew great in number, but only a few followed the Jedi unconditionally.

Suddenly and unexpectantly, a great disturbance was felt in the force. And on the appointed day and time, the Jedi returned to earth to end the reign of Lord Lucifer once and for all. As he approached the planet, the Jedi beamed up the faithful knights. Millions upon millions of people waited for the transporter to beam them into the city above the clouds. And they were sorely disappointed because their names were not in the transport list.

In the galaxy known as Megeddo, the final battle was waged. In the first attack, Lucifer sent the rebellious biological creatures of earth to fight the Jedi. With one swing of his light saber, the Jedi stopped their assault and he cast them aside.

In the second on slaught, the evil storm troopers attempted to destroy the Jedi. They were stopp0ed quickly and returned to the lake of fire. Finally, Lord Lucifer and the Jedi met face to face. All creation watched as the saber of light cut through the sword of darkness. Then the Jedi snatched Lucifer's weapons from his hand and cast him into the infernal abyss, forever and ever.

With Lucifer and the storm troopers out of the way, the Jedi returned to the city above the clouds to reward the knights who had resisted and fought the evil force. A great book was opened and the name of each freedom fighter was read. Those who lost their lives in battle or who had been tortured for following the Jedi were honored first. Then, one by one, the other knights received their reward. And the Jedi placed all the faithful knights at his right side.

The innumerable mass that remained asked why their names were not in the book of life. With great sorrow, they heard the response, "Depart from me. I never knew you. Although you were given every opportunity to follow the Good Force, you followed Lucifer and the evil force all of your lives. You even resisited and fought me in the final battle. I do not condemn you. You have condemned your-selves. Now, you will join your lord and master in the infernal abyss, to be tortured day and night, forever and ever."

With evil rebellion eliminated, the Existing One spoke a new heaven and new earth into existance. And the Holy Breath, the Jedi, and the Existing One dwelt in peace and harmony with the Good knights forever and ever.
by Harry Brotzman Jr.
Monday, February 18, 2008
old round barn
Monday, February 04, 2008
LOVE is the principles of God in Action...! LOVE creates, LOVE maintains, LOVE is the GREATEST..! Never stingy, never self-seeking, never over-shadowing, ALWAYS giving...How do you explain LOVE???!!! THE GREATEST GIFT in your life...in anyone's life. LOVE...LOVE...LOVE...keeps on Shining up your life....YOU LIGHT UP MY LIFE..!
Poetry in action brings color and meaning to life specifically and generally. Psalmist David was a great poet...his poetic writings are many. Poetry is a good "SOUL LANGUAGE".

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